Organic Grain and Hay

The tillable crop ground at Hidden Hollow was certified organic in 2019. Crop rotation is the most important aspect in organic farming as it breaks up pest and weed cycles, improves the soil over time and leads to overall healthier plants.

We use a 4-year crop rotation. Year 1 – Small grain (oats) planted with alfalfa. Year 2 – alfalfa, Year 3 – Corn, Year 4 – Soybeans.  In addition, we also use cover crops which help scavenge nutrients, improve moisture retention and reduce erosion.

Organic production allows us to be more self-sufficient by reducing our use of purchased inputs. The down side is there are no “quick-fixes” to weed or pest problems.

Despite the challenges of organic production we believe the economics make more sense for the small farmer. Most importantly, however, our farm is where our children play and where our food is grown so we do not want harmful substances to be a part of that environment.