Pasture Raised Pork

2020 will be our first year raising hogs. Our goal is to produce the BEST tasting, MOST healthy pork raised in traditional outdoor setting. We are starting with feeder pigs from Travis Dunekacke at TD Niche Pork. We are trying three different heritage breeds; Red Wattle, Hereford and 3/4 Berkshire / 1/4 Mangalitsa cross. We will be feeding 100% certified organic feed from Bluestem Organic Feed Mill in Webster City, Iowa. The pigs will be vaccinated against common swine illnesses, but NEVER be given any growth hormones or antibiotics.

The pigs arrived on April 3rd and will spend the first few weeks in a pen before being moved into woodlot and pasture paddocks. The pigs will be processed by Minden Meat Market in August and September.


Whole and Half hogs prices are $3.50 per pound hanging weight, which is the weight of the carcass after the skin, head, hooves and non-usable organs are removed. This figure is usually 60% of the live weight or about 180 pounds.

The processing costs, which are paid to the butcher (Minden Meat Market) are approximately $1.00 per pound including curing and seasonings.

The total estimated cost of a whole hog would be $810 ($630 paid to HHF and $180 paid to the butcher. We do require a deposit ($500 whole/$250 half).

If you are interested in reserving a whole or half hog please email

Stay tuned for updates and blog posts as we encounter the inevitable challenges and “learning opportunities!”