Pasture Raised Beef

At Hidden Hollow we are raising Aberdeen (formerly known as Lowline Angus) cattle. The Aberdeen breed is a smaller framed animal that performs well on grass while their smaller size has less impact on our fragile hills. Aberdeen beef has excellent flavor and tenderness.

The cattle spend the months of April-November being rotationally grazed on pasture and are brought into a deep bedded lot for the winter. In addition to grass and hay we also feed spent grain from Full Fledged Brewing Company in Council Bluffs. After experimenting with a lot of grass finished cattle we have decided to include a small amount of our farm raised organic corn in our finishing ration for the last 30-60 days. We feel this improves the flavor and eating quality of the beef. Cattle are also given free-choice mineral and kelp.

We anticipate having beef available for sale by spring of 2021. Please email for more information.