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Pigs Arrive

We picked up our 10 feeder pigs on April 3rd and they are doing great. We ended up getting 3 different breeds; Hereford, Berkshire and Red Wattle. The loading and unloading went as smoothly as one could ask for and the pigs seem to be enjoying their new home. We plan to get them moved … Continue reading Pigs Arrive

Winter Newsletter

With all the mud in the driveway I can tell spring is just around the corner! We are gearing up for a LOT of exciting projects this year at the farm. Thankfully we are going to have some help this season from Gavin Johnston. Gavin will be staying at Hidden Hollow full time, raising some exceptional vegetables for his market … Continue reading Winter Newsletter

Prairie restoration results

The light brown native prairie grasses were planted 5 years ago. It takes a long time for them to get established but they provide excellent wildlife habitat as well as good forage for livestock. Oh and beautiful to look at as well!

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